Sunday mornings we gather as people of all ages, all family styles, all genders and all expressions, to worship and grow in our faith. We support one another in our faith journey and take this spirit out into the world, our neighbourhood, our work, our play, and into all our relationships. 

When you come to worship at St. Columba no fancy dress is required, we are a casual congregation - so come as you are. Your presence here is a blessing. 

Most services include a passage from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), a reading from the New Testament letters to the early Church, and a passage from one of the Gospels (the stories about Jesus in the New Testament). The themes of our worship reflect the seven seasons of the Church Year, some of which will be familiar to you, others perhaps less so: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost, plus 'Ordinary Time', which lasts from Pentecost until Advent of the next year.

Holy Communion is celebrated on a regular basis throughout the year. You are welcome at the Lord's table. 

Our worship resources come from a variety of places but focus mainly on the worship books of the Anglican Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Before each service, you will receive a leaflet with everything you need in order to participate in worship: the words for the spoken prayers, the Bible passages, the words to the hymns, etc. You will also find other information about upcoming events and news pertaining to our life as a community.

We value children in worship and do not mind the activity and sounds of little ones, so relax--God put the wiggle in kids, so don't feel like you have to suppress it in God's house. For slightly older children there are children's bulletins located on the same table as the worship leaflets that are filled with word searches, crossword puzzles, colouring page, etc.,  to help them understand more fully the message of the day. 

You are welcome here and visitors are expected!